Agave Didgeridoos

maui didgeridoos

Agave didgeridoos are lightweight and very durable. The fibrous grain markings of agave add unique character to each instrument. Agave didgeridoos have the ability to resonate sound vibration longer than other didjs due to the shape, size, and bell at the bottom. Dried agave is harvested to the roots in order to get the bulb shape, which creates a “sound resonation chamber” before the sound is released.

About agave – Agave is also known by the name ‘century plant’ or Agave sisalana (Sisal). It is a common misconception that agaves are cacti; they are unrelated to cacti and Aloe, whose leaves appear similar. This fibrous plant grows wild in most parts of Maui, as well as many dry regions of western United States. Agave grows a long stock from its center once in approximately 15 years. The plant then dies and spreads its seeds from the long dead stock.

Ethically wildcrafted agave – JoL ethically wildcrafts agave from regions that are abundant with agaves, and avoids wildcrafting in areas where agave is endangered. JoL disperses agave seeds while harvesting to continue the growth of its species for future generations.

Non-toxic didgeridoos for sale

custom didgeridoos for saleJoL Didjeridoos are toxic chemical-free. JoL Didjeridoos are silk-sanded to a mirror finish and sealed with JoL Lube™ (an all natural oil based conditioner made by Cheshire’s Herbals).

Why non-toxic didgeridoos? Having non-toxic instruments is healthy for us and the Earth. Most mass produced didgeridoos on the market today are created with the use of toxic chemicals, which are harmful to people and our environment. Plastic apoxy toxic coatings can also chip and crack from impact or stress, leaving untreated didgeridoo material vulnerable to the elements.

What makes JoL agave didgeridoos unique?

  • Designed for optimal sound vibrational performance
  • Precision hand-carved sound chambers to enhance sound quality
  • Composition free of toxic chemicals
  • Durable high quality and weatherproof
  • Interior stone coatings for best sound quality
  • Stone mouthpieces and bells (various stone powders used)
  • Custom cut gemstone inlay (semi-precious to precious)
  • Stone relief art design on didgeridoo exteriors
  • All natural stains used for coloring
  • Silk-sanded to a mirror finish
  • Natural proprietary fiber and kiawe carbon re-enforcement from top to bottom
  • Ethically & wild-harvested agave from Maui, Hawaii
  • Custom orders and didgeridoo repairs available

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