Sealing a Didgeridoo

Sealing a Didjeridoo

A proven method for sealing didjeridoo interiors is a mix of non-toxic Titebond 2 woodglue and agave powder from an orbital sander’s dust bag.

    The agave powder is best sifted through a wire strainer before mixing.
  2. Pour a pancake batter consistency mix in
  3. Swab through with a cotton cloth tied to the end of a dowel rod.
  4. Let didj dry hanging upside down without a mouthpiece for 24 to 48 hours
  5. Repeat the process at least once.

Hanging upside down will ensure that the didj. bell will be free of drip marks. A thick peanut butter consistency mix of agave’ powder and Titebond 2 makes a great wax-free and sandable mouthpiece which must be totally dry before sanding.┬áThis mix usually dries dark brown.

This mix adds to structural integrity, performance, and beauty of the didjeridoo.

Aloha, JOL