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Didjeridoo performer – JoL has been exploring sound resonance healing with didjeridoos since 1999. JoL offers sound healing sessions, wedding music, sacred space invocations, energy clearings & blessings, and didjeridoo performances tailored to your event. Contact JoL about traveling to your area to provide sound healing with didjeridoos.

Hand Crafted Didgeridoos for Sale

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maui didgeridoosNon-toxic didjeridoos from wild, ethically-harvested agave

An industry leader in design and development of non-toxic didjeridoos, JoL has been hand-crafting ethically- wild-harvested agave didjeridoos since 1995.

Compare JoL Didjeridoos to any other in the world and we think you’ll agree, they create, “The Best Sound in the Didgeridoo World.

What makes our agave didjeridoos unique?

  • Designed for optimal sound vibrational performance
  • Precision hand-carved sound chambers to enhance sound quality
  • Composition free of toxic chemicals
  • Durable high quality and weatherproof
  • Interior stone coatings for best sound quality
  • Stone mouthpieces and bells (various stone powders used)
  • Custom cut gemstone inlay (semi-precious to precious)
  • Stone relief art design on didjeridoo exteriors
  • All natural stains used for coloring
  • Silk-sanded to a mirror finish
  • Natural proprietary fiber and kiawe carbon re-enforcement from top to bottom
  • Ethically & wild-harvested agave
  • Custom orders and didjeridoo repairs available

JOL Didjeridoos

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