What makes JoL agave didgeridoos unique?

  • Hand crafted for optimal sound vibrational performance
  • Precision hand-carved sound chambers to enhance sound quality
  • Composition free of toxic chemicals
  • Durable high quality and weatherproof
  • Interior stone coatings for best sound quality
  • Stone mouthpieces and bells (various stone powders used)
  • Custom cut gemstone inlay (semi-precious to precious)
  • Stone relief art design on didgeridoo exteriors
  • All natural stains used for coloring
  • Silk-sanded to a mirror finish
  • Natural proprietary fiber and kiawe carbon re-enforcement from top to bottom
  • Ethically & wild-harvested agave
  • Custom orders and didgeridoo repairs available


JoL is a didgeridoo maker, sound healer & didgeridoo performer


1) Didgeridoo sound healing services for hire
2) Custom, hand-crafted agave didgeridoos for sale providing incredible, world-class sound healing




Based in Sedona, Arizona + Available to travel…

Why & How:

Learn about JoL’s journey become a master builder of sound healing didgeridoos